Plus one

One baby girl, coming right up!

Nate and I are really excited--and still can't really believe it, to be honest--that we're having another baby in January. I still feel like Eleanor is a baby in many ways. And having two girls under two for the first half of next year is going to be quite the party, I'm sure, and thankfully I have the best support system I could ask for. Nate has been so patient with the woes of pregnancy while parenting this time around, and while the morning sickness has subsided at this point (15 weeks), the fatigue is REAL, you guys. It's like I got hit by a train sometimes. But never fear, Nate walks me to bed every single night when I fall asleep on the couch watching Jimmy Fallon, but not before he puts away whatever snacks I was eating during our couples ritual of enjoying comedy every night before bed. If you'd told me on my wedding day how much this small action would change my life, I probably wouldn't have listened. But it's true. I don't know how people manage pregnancy on their own.

Being pregnant the second time around doesn't feel as real somehow. I still forget sometimes that I'm going to be having another baby, and that that baby is in my belly right now. And is the size of a lemon. And arriving in six months.

We are happy as clams. Some days are really, really hard, but we fall into bed each night feeling glad we are who we are and happy that our future is bright.

Any tips or advice on how to get one's house clean when one's to-do list is a mile long and one's baby is very on-the-move... are desperately needed.