Feeling like a full fledged blimp these days. I don't know how I'm going to go three more months. Mom bought me a new dress and top from Asos so that helps. But it's just WEIRD to get giant. It just is. Seeing myself naked makes me laugh out loud almost every time. That or cry.

Today I am 25 weeks along and at the beginning of my sixth month. Still having back pain. Skin goes through phases of being awful and perfect (makes every morning an adventure), face is very round, people tell me how big I look/ constantly stare at my stomach. Liz forced me to take a selfie the other day. Sigh.

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22 weeks

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At church last week. All the pregnants! (in order of due dates. I'm last by a month. 23 weeks)

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Stork parking = my favorite! 24 weeks.

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At church this week. 24 weeks.

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Yesterday. 25 weeks.

Besides being pregnant, some stuff that's happening:
- hanging out at Mom and Dad's while Nate is on production in LA for Nintendo commercial
- really excited to test out my new RX67 with polaroid back-- look for portraits of Nate soon
- found an apartment! Moving on March 1 and can't wait to design the new space
- taught Dad about instagram -- hilarious
- six months til Sarahdactyl gets home!
- really excited for wedding season. Wanting to do a big fat floral shoot REALLY bad. Winter blues much?

And also, I have to comment on a couple of articles I've seen regarding being young and married and a woman. I must say that everyone is entitled to an opinion, including me. While I understand the perspective that you're giving up a lot of stuff when you get married at age 20 and pregnant at age 23, I certainly have not suffered from such events occurring so early in my life.

Haven't suffered, but have sacrificed. I gave up finishing college before becoming a mom in order to accommodate my husband's career. I have never lived alone (I've never even had my own room, actually) or abroad or in a studio or anything like that. I've never worked a 9-5 job. There's a lot of stuff I would be doing right now if I were single. But I am also doing a lot of stuff that I want to be doing. Like owning my own business, growing a human, traveling the world with my best friend, creating a home with my best friend, living downtown in a giant city with my best friend. I don't want to be alone. I knew I didn't want to be alone ever again when I met Nate, and because we are two reasonable humans, we decided before we got married that we want to live enriching lives and not be weird recluses who do nothing. So, to those who think that your wedding is the last day of living wildly, trying new things, taking spontaneous trips, making stupid mistakes, going on adventures, figuring out who you are, being romantic, and YOLOing, maybe you're right, to some people. But not to me. I picked a person--and that person picked a person--who wants to do it all together.

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