about us

Nate is a writer.
He works at an ad agency.
He likes cheeseburgers, American history, good movies, new vinyl records, not wearing suits/ties, fixing things, being organized, comedy and surfing.

Alex is a photographer.
She works at home and all over.
She likes collecting cameras, shopping, roses, celebrating birthdays, fresh produce, not being in photographs, traveling light, making up nicknames, and reading novels.

We live in a little apartment with a community cactus garden in West Hollywood, a little city surrounded by a big one. We grew up in the sunshine of California and fell in love in college. Alex said "I love you" first. Nate didn't get mad when she dented his Jeep on Valentine's Day. We got married in the spring of 2011 and moved to Chicago in the summer of 2012. Baby Eleanor joined the party in June 2014 and Little Sister is due to arrive in January 2016. We take a lot of walks, make a lot of messes, and eat a lot of avocados.

This blog is a record of ourselves and life the way we see it.