Fall in the City of Angels

We're here!
All three of us made it to Los Angeles.
We're living in Venice until Halloween when our apartment in West Hollywood is ready for us. Can't wait.

It turns out that having a small baby and a career simultaneously are a little trickier than I anticipated. How in the world do people do it? The only way I've been able to pull off any kind of work is by the kindness of my mom and sisters being willing to play with my baby while Nate and I work. Norah amazes me every day-- she has taught me so much about priorities in the short time she's been in our family. Sometimes when I'm trying to get things done, I'll hand her a toy or give her her pacifier or try a number of things to appease her before I realize that my baby just wants her mother to stare at her and sing to her and play with her. The feeling of stepping away from whatever I'm doing and just giving her my undivided attention is hard at first because my to do list seems never ending, but when I focus on her, it's so deeply rewarding. When she smiles at me and chatters and just stares at my face, I can't even care about the house being cluttered or the endless emails to respond to or the hair that needs to be combed. She is it.

On another note...

One of the best parts of October is Casey's birthday because of pumpkin helmet football. Which entails carving a pumpkin into a football helmet and then playing football. It was Casey's idea back in 2009. Maybe his best one yet. We've attended three of his five pumpkin helmet football birthdays and they never disappoint.