our story

We met very briefly at the end of 2009 at a white elephant party. We kept seeing each other around, and finally at a friend's birthday party a few months later, she said, "This is stupid, we see each other everywhere, we should just be friends. I'm Alex--" and he said, "Yeah, I know, you're Alex Sorensen!" After a few weeks we were dating and a few more and we were in love. We got engaged in San Clemente at the end of 2010 and married in the Newport Beach Temple in May 2011. A year later, we finished our senior year at BYU, took a quick trip to Asia, and moved to Chicago for Nate's job. We enjoyed that windy town from the day we arrived, even in the depths of winter when windchill tried to ruin everything. (It did not.) Our spring baby Eleanor came to us on June 3 on a rainy night. Before we knew it, Chicago was in our rearview mirror and we cried the whole way back to Los Angeles. Now we're here, patiently awaiting Eleanor's new roommate, due to arrive early 2016. We're happy to say that we've embraced LA traffic and fallen in love with 80 degree winters. Our life mainly consists of each other, late nights, great food, our faith, our work, some Seinfeld, and lots of just-trying-to-figure-it-all-out. We like it.