chicago + LA

We lived in Chicago for a couple years and recently relocated to Los Angeles.

Below is our unofficial guide to eating in Chicago. Soon we will have one for LA. If you're headed to Chicago, read on.

Some of our favorite restaurants are (in no particular order):
Hot Doug's (RIP...!)
Grange Hall Burger Bar
Black Dog Gelato
Do-rite Donuts
Southport Grocery
Star of Siam
The Bongo Room
Honey Butter Fried Chicken

If you're visiting Chicago, we have tons of suggestions of how to spend your visit. We lived downtown and taught ourselves what's worth it (Architecture tour!) and what wasn't (Navy Pier). If you come in the summer, bring a swimsuit--there's beach for miles and Lake Michigan touches the city. If you come in the winter, bring a scarf and a down jacket--the cold will chew your face off. Email or comment if you want to hear more!